Become an Alumni Leader


There are many ways to get involved with Kuumba’s alumni association.  For more details about any of the leadership opportunities below, please email with “Getting involved” in the subject line. 


Executive Committee

The Alumni of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College is governed by an Executive Committee including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Alumni Liaison, and Undergraduate Liaison and other Board Members. Executive Committee members meet semi-regularly via phone and email to conduct the business of the alumni association and make plans in support of undergraduate Kuumba Singers and fellow alumni.


2015 45th Reunion Co-Chairs

These important alumni leaders are responsible for a cohort of four graduating classes (including their own).  Offering a more initimate link to alumni’s college years than even current Kuumbabes or Executive Committee members, they facilitate connection between their classmates and with the choir in preparation of Kuumba’s upcoming anniversary.  


City Captains

City captains are local leaders in areas with a high concentration of Kuumba alumni.  They serve as points for local “alumni sings,” happy hours, and more.  Note: if you live somewhere with a smaller population of Kuumba alumni but would still like to serve as a point person for Kuumba gatherings, let us know and we will help you be in touch with fellow Kuumbabes.


Have other interests and would like to get involved?  The Alumni of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College is looking for help with the following projects.  Contact with “Special projects” in the subject line to find out more about any of the below, or to offer your own ideas.

  • Expanding our alumni database
  • Fundraising to support the Kuumba Singers
  • Developing the Alumni of the Kuumba Singers’ social media presence
  • Collecting and preserving Kuumba’s oral history, music, and other artifacts

If you are interested in mentoring undergraduates, write to with “Mentoring opportunities” in the subject line.