Host a Kuumba Alumni Event

Any time two or more Kuumbabes are humming “Ride On” together is a Kuumba event!  On a practical level, however, you might be interested in the logistical details of planning something less impromptu.  Follow the steps below, or contact if you have other ideas. 
  • Decide what kind of gathering you would like to have.  A happy hour, potluck, or artistic outing?  Or a "reunion jam"?
  • Choose a time and place.
  • Write to with “Hosting a Kuumba event” in the subject line; we will help you find contact information, should you need it, for Kuumbabes in your area.
  • If you are hosting a singing event, download a “Kuumba toolkit” including sheet music for Kuumba standards (AVAILABLE SOON).
  • Consider purchasing a Kuumba CD or DVD to play at your event.
  • Publicize your event to local Kuumbabes.
  • Take photos and send them to!