Connect with Undergraduates

The Alumni of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College aims not only to create cross-generational community among alumni and students but to support current Kuumba Singers in fulfilling the choir's mission and in their lives as students and beyond. There are many ways to get involved!
  • Visit rehearsal.  Rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm – 9pm and alumni are always welcome.  Email the current undergraduate Corresponding Secretary at for location details, and then come on by!
  • Come to concerts and follow the Kuumba Singers on tour.  Keep abreast of upcoming events on our website and at
  • Mentor undergraduates.  If you would be willing to conduct informational interviews with Kuumbabes interested in your field, chances are good that there is a Kuumbabe looking for you!  Email with “Mentoring” in the subject line and we will help you connect with students interested in your field.
  • Fortify Kuumba’s administrative capacity.  Alumni with institutional leadership, business, and development experience can be of tremendous support in helping Kuumba undergraduates grow Kuumba’s reach and programming while strengthening its administrative capacity and ensuring its legacy.  Email to get involved.
Have other ideas?  Let us know!