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Membership in the Alumni of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College is free for all former members of the Kuumba Singers.  Officially registering as a member on this site will give you access to Kuumba's Alumni Directory and enable Kuumba to receive updates on your contact information from you in real time, keeping the choir connected.
How to Register as a Member:
  • If you have a post.harvard account and have previously received mail or email from Kuumba, you are likely already a member in our system.  To search our directory to see what contact information we have for you, first sign in at the upper-right hand corner of any page using your post.harvard ID and password.  Then click on "My Account" in the upper-right hand corner to review update your information.

  • If you have a post.harvard account and have not received mail from Kuumba (or you can't remember), simply sign in at the upper-right hand corner of any page using your post.harvard ID and password.  This will automatically populate your contact information.  Confirm your details, then click on the "manage membership" tab and select the free membership.  You will be immediately taken back to this very page, where you'll finalize the free membership option BELOW and click "Continue."
  • If you don't have a post.harvard account (either because you have not signed up for one, or because you did not attend Harvard University), or you have already tried that and it didn't work, you can sign up right here by selecting the free Kuumba Singers Alumni Member option at the bottom of this page and clicking "Continue."
Whenever your mailing or email address changes, please take the brief moment necessary to sign in to our website and update your contact information under "My Account."  A link to your "My Account" page will appear in the upper right-hand corner of any page after you sign in.  Changing your contact information elsewhere in Harvard's system will automatically update it with Kuumba.
The ability to update your contact information in real time represents a crucial step forward for Kuumba and ensures that Kuumba's alumni, its greatest legacy, can stay connected to the choir and each other after graduation. 
Being a member of the Alumni of the Kuumba Singers of Harvard College will not change your mail preference settings with Harvard University.  (If you currently receive mail from Harvard, for example, you will continue to do so.)  If, however, you have not noted your official preference with the University and your address changes, or you chose to list your address with Kuumba for the first time, you may begin receiving occasional mail from Harvard.
You can opt out of mail from Harvard University at any time by (1) hitting “unsubscribe” on an unwanted email; (2) writing to; (3) or calling 617-495-2371.  For more details on the Harvard Alumni Association’s privacy policy, see their website.
Should you wish to be removed from Kuumba’s mailing list, please send an email with the subject line UNSUBSCRIBE to and we will do our best to remove you promptly.  Note that, should you wish, you may also need to take the steps above to be removed from Harvard’s mailing list as well.


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